National Mentoring Day, Get Involved, Make a Difference!!

If you’re lucky, at some point in the future when you’re in need of guidance or perhaps moral support, you may cross paths with a suitable mentor.

Even luckier, you’ll realize you had one in your life all along & you’ll gain a new appreciation for how you benefited from that relationship.

The luckiest relationship of all, of course, is a combination of the two. You’ve had help all along, & as the path widens or narrows, whatever the case may be, new & powerful influences will enter your life & aid your progress.

A mentor doesn’t necessarily tell you what to do, but more importantly: tells you what they did or might do, then trusts you to draw your own conclusions & act accordingly. If you succeed, they’ll take one step back & if you fail, they’ll take one step closer. Whatever it is they teach you, pass it on,

Happy Mentorship Day!!