PV Compliance & Quality

PV Quality

Do you want high-quality data in your safety database that support conclusions and interpretations without any compromise?

PV Quality is a safety data quality management solution that enables safety operations managers to detect case processing quality issues and implement corrective and preventative actions.
PV Quality is designed for companies to improve data quality and drive consistency across their case processing operation in general whether it is in the outsourced or in-house processing model. In particular, CRO organizations can derive significant operational efficiencies and synergies with this solution which will benefit our clients overall.

Key Features

  • Proactive Monitoring: Monitor and get alerted with key indicators to address potential compliance issues before it’s too late.
  • Expedited and Aggregate Reporting Compliance: Real-time Monitoring of Global Compliance Rate by Destination, Site, Region, and other attributes etc.
  • Intake Compliance (Business Partners and Affiliates): Configure and automatically track Business Partner and Affiliate compliance as per configured SLAs.
  • Reason of Delay Assessment: Late case assessment, root cause analysis and trending for tracking and inspection support.
  • Automated Assessment: Automated identification of reason of delays, root cause and preventive actions.
  • Productivity, Workload and Cost per Case Assessment: Monitoring productivity, cost per case and workload by various attributes such as site, user type, case type, workflow state etc.
  • Configurable Dashboard: Set up multiple focused dashboards for different business functions and user groups e.g., QPPV Dashboard, Site Leads Dashboard, Vendor Dashboard.
  • Dynamic Outputs: Interactive operational metrics to instantly slice and dice the data.

Key Benefits

  • Actionable Intelligence – Enables Safety Management to identify issues and act on them within the same system e.g., innovative late case analysis, action item assignment and tracking.
  • Early Warning Signals – Early alerts allow you to run your business smoothly without surprises.
  • Productivity- Significant productivity increase with the use of automation and latest technology such as automated identification of potential delay reasons, auto-assignment, automated recurring compliance monitoring report etc.
  • Cost Savings – PV Central removes the need to manually assemble data and provides quick and easy presentations of meaningful Safety Management information. RxLogix PV Central aids in the reduction of delays.
  • Inspection Readiness – Centrally manage your readiness for global inspections, including support for the PV System Master File (PSMF).
  • Mobile Ready – Intuitive, simple operating system that requires almost no training. The system is available from mobile devices and includes support for popular mobile platforms including the iPhone, iPad.
  • Rapid Deployment – RxLogix works closely with your team for rapid implementation (weeks) and ensures support for hosted or on-site deployments.
  • User-Friendly Interface –Intuitive and simple “Apple” like Operational Reporting platform.