Data Sciencs

We at RxLogix, pride ourselves as a forward thinking organization. Our ideology is shaped by a host of technological and social forces and is in the midst of making products that are both innovative and revolutionary in nature.

Data Science

We have a deep understanding of the PV domain and various data analytics technologies to provide excellence in PV Data Analytics for our customers. All our products employ advanced tools and technologies most suited for the business needs targeted by our products which cover regulatory compliance and productivity monitoring, signal detections and management, regulatory reporting, medical assessments and automated AE case intake from heterogeneous and unstructured data sources and formats.

Technology used by our products range from application of frequentists’ statistics, Bayesian approaches, various methodologies for trend and signal detection to advanced real-time visualizations, natural language processing, machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Our main focus is on utilizing available data from multiple sources to maximize benefits from safety and operational perspective. We are specialized in Data Analysis solutions dedicated to our main domain of passion and interest – Pharmacovigilance.