Inspection Support

As part of providing services to its Customers, RxLogix also extends support during any Regulatory Inspection. As Data Processors, the experienced team at RxLogix, supports its customers with regard to the engagement of work as mutually agreed. RxLogix has supported its Customers during inspections from FDA, MHRA and other Regulatory Agencies successfully. During inspections, the RxLogix Managed Services team is highly available and provide round the clock support. In an event Customers become aware of a prospect Inspection by a Regulatory agency, they may notify us @managed services.

Key Features

  • Clarify on the scope of inspection and understand the expected support
  • Setup a Dedicated support team and identify SPOC
  • Accessibility to SME pool, as required
  • Support team includes Software developers, industry SMEs, Cloud Specialists, Validation Experts and Service Consultants

Key Benefits

  • Commitment towards Contractual obligation as a Data Processor
  • Establish confidence of organization and security measures as per GDPR and other standards
  • Co-opted approach towards addressing the inspection requirements Unified Initiative driven by Management
  • Proven successful track record