PV Compliance & Quality

PV Central

Global Compliance and Productivity Monitoring

PV Central is a global compliance and productivity monitoring tool. In addition, it provides late case assessment for both inbound and outbound case data exchanges.

With PV Central, managers can spend more time working “on the business” as opposed to “in the business”. Management time can be spent on strategy and other department aspects. This sophisticated fine-tuned product will help you run PV Operations effectively and assures you better outcomes.
Take charge. Have relevant metrics at all times on your fingertips in real-time.

Key Features

  • Safety databases are good at case processing and producing data for regulatory reports. But it is not a project management tool. RxLogix PV Central is developed specifically for Safety Leaders and their teams to easily manage the entire case and project load.
  • Existing safety solutions present only limited management reporting, RxLogix PV Central has a sophisticated dashboarding system that provides inbound/outbound compliance, productivity and workload metrics.
  • Existing solutions do not facilitate proactive monitoring, visibility and transparency. RxLogix PV Central provides this as a basic feature.
  • Safety Executives do not usually login and have access to the Safety or Signal Detection databases. RxLogix PV Central solution aggregates all of this information in an easy, user-friendly interface.
  • Manual assembly and presentation of meaningful information for Safety Management are time-consuming and expensive. RxLogix PV Central extracts the data you need most and presents this information in the visual formats you need most.
  • Data presented by most systems are usually not directly actionable. RxLogix PV Central allows you to easily view, forecast, report, and action based on the information extracted.

Key Benefits

  • Actionable Intelligence – Enables Safety Management to identify issues and act on them within the same system e.g. innovative late case analysis, action item assignment and tracking.
  • Early Warning Signals – Early alerts allow you to run your business smoothly without surprises.
  • Cost Savings – PV Central removes the need to manually assemble data and provides quick and easy presentations of meaningful Safety Management information. RxLogix PV Central aids in the reduction of delays.
  • Inspection Readiness – Centrally manage your readiness for global inspections, including support for the PV System Master File (PSMF).
  • Management Reporting Solution – Portal solution with role-based metrics including support for drill down and filtering that fills functionality gaps in transactional case management systems such as Oracle Argus Safety and ARISg.
  • Mobile Ready – Intuitive, simple operating system that requires almost no training. The system is available on mobile devices and includes support for popular mobile platforms including Android and iOS.
  • Rapid Deployment – RxLogix works closely with your team for rapid implementation (weeks) and ensures support for hosted or on-site deployments.