Data Lake & Data Hub

Data Lake and Data Hub

RxLogix Business Data Lake stores unlimited amounts of data in any format, schema and data type, which is very cost effective and massively scalable.

We use scalable systems, software, and analytic tools to search, find, tag, explore and store the data in the Big Data Lake.

We can automatically create data lakes using proprietary algorithms and machine learning techniques which identify and index entities and relations from across disparate data sources like Hadoop, Relational databases, CSV files, 3rd party systems and many other sources of data.

We use a natural language question answering interface to analyze & visualize data from various data lakes. We use a distributed computation search engine that uses an optimized Just-In-Time (JIT) memory approach to providing a real-time computation of big data stored in the data lakes and scale-out seamlessly in economical hardware. We enhance data security in the data lakes stored in distributed binary index files, which are only machine-readable.

With RxLogix Software, the machines do all the heavy lifting of the implementation of data lakes and big data discovery platform. All that a business needs, is to specify the connection parameters to the different data sources. Then start asking questions in natural language, to get answers that they can interact with and then collaborate in-place with stakeholders, anytime and anywhere. We empower any user to become a data scientist and leverage the true power of data intelligence in the fastest, easiest, most affordable, very scalable and in the most natural way, thereby delivering data democracy to any Pharma company.