Support & Help Desk

In addition to comprehensive Managed Services, RxLogix also offers support and help desk services. RxLogix leverages its processes to manage the support desk, adhering to the SLAs mutually agreed with the clients.

More and more companies are leveraging RxLogix expertise and support to scale their business and minimize cost. There is nothing worse than a “rear-view mirror” cost. Before its too late, fix it quickly with our help.

RxLogix can be crucial for your Success! We provide you the best corporate hospitality of the decade!

Key Features

  • Dedicated support team with several backup resources
  • Support for Level 1, Level 2 and Level 3
  • Flexibility to have 24×7 support
  • Standard support process with clear timeliness (SLAs) and quality accountability
  • RxLogix response via email and phone
  • Standard SLAs with the flexibility to align with client requirements
  • Ticketing system (JIRA) for issue management, Q&A, CR’s, request prioritization and approval
  • Emergency phone number for blocker issues
  • Access to issue status dashboard
  • Access to RxLogix Users Group conference
  • Standard process to drive a consistent and repeatable methodology
  • Support team includes system developers and several industry SMEs
  • Quarterly client reviews conducted to ensure issue resolution and client connection

Key Benefits

  • Significant cost reduction
  • Quality resources and responses
  • 24×7 access to support and help desk
  • Global support including Japan
  • Easy escalation path as part of the communication plan
  • Transparency
  • Easy access to performance monitoring dashboards