Top COVID Vaccine Pharma selects PV Signal, PV Reports and PV Analytics

RxLogix is pleased to announce that a leading COVID pharma company and provider of other therapies for the prevention and treatment of infectious diseases, has selected PV Signal, PV Reports and PV Analytics. The client was seeking a state-of-the art technology solution that would deliver a framework that supports integrated pharmacovigilance solutions to address signal detection and management, PV reporting, data analytics, machine learning and AI for trending, and visualizations within a single integrated platform that is user friendly. The client will be accessing public databases such as VAERS and EVDAS which will be directly available from RxLogix’s platform. After an extensive market review and hands-on session, the client selected RxLogix’s platform.

In addition, the client will be leveraging RxLogix’s PV Data Hub as a central repository for all safety data inclusive of all safety cases and public data.