Top 15 Pharma Replacing Argus Safety by RxLogix PV Suite Platform

RxLogix is pleased to announce that a Top 15 global company that manufactures and markets pharmaceutical products has selected to implement RxLogix integrated, end to end Safety platform.

RxLogix’ PV DataHub, PV Intake & Processing, PV Signal, PV Reports, PV Analytics, PV Central, PV Quality and PV Gateway will be implemented to address Next Generation Safety requirements.

Almost all of our clients’ requirements are already available in the Safety platform today, out of the box.

Our clients Next Generation Safety project was launched with the overall goal to digitally transform Global Safety by leveraging modern technology to support global process and system improvements to strengthen their position as a strategic partner securing world-class patient safety.

The project focus areas addressed by RxLogix’s integrated Safety platform include:

  • The Automation of routine activities, with an ambition of minimum touch process.
  • End-to-end integrated solution, with a goal towards one integrated platform.
  • Data transparency & availability, with one source of truth.

Our client will be able to retire 15+ applications in Safety that include Oracle Argus Safety / Japan, Empirica, Reporting applications inc a SUSAR tool for site initiations to name a few.

Here at RxLogix we would welcome the chance to hear about your own Next Generation Safety efforts and to understand how we can help. Contact us today on