Successful Argus Safety Migration Go Live for a madrid based pharma company!

The RxLogix team has successfully completed Phase III of the Data Migration Project for madrid based pharma company. The project was to consolidate five separate entities into a single database hosted on RxLogix AWS Cloud. This was a highly complex project where the RxLogix team migrating existing legacy data from PcV Manager into the Argus Safety database with no documentation available. With the implementation of ARGUS, the Exeltis organization now meets the regulatory requirement of sending cases electronically in the E2B (R3) XML format and submit necessary listings from PV Reports required for different regulatory purposes.

Project Highlights:

  • Migration of another entity existing legacy data from PcV manager to madrid based pharma company’s current Argus Safety DB
  • Custom case data XMLs from PcV manager were transformed to E2B R2+ format using XSLT’s
  • Data transformation and Mapping post migration to avoid any loss of data
  • Axway EMA Onboarding
  • Argus Safety System Business Process Training