PV Intake Mobile App Launch

While we at RxLogix are still very happy about the award from Frost & Sullivan in December for being recognized for having the “Best-in-class Pharmacovigilance Solution,
PV Intake and Processing”, only a month on we continue to innovate our solution. This month we can proudly announce the upcoming launch of the PV Intake Mobile App from April.

PV Intake’s mobile app captures cases efficiently from Medical Reps and other Field staff in local languages. The App is integrated with RxLogix PV Intake application for seamless data exchange between field staff and main PV users. Its responsive design handles iOS, Android, mobile phones, tablets, landscape, and portrait modes.

Some of the key benefits/features of this App are as below:-

  • Multipurpose – Case Intake from Medical Reps, Study Sites and Field staff
  • Multilingual – English, Japanese, and more
  • Offline case data capture capability
  • Integrated with RxLogix PV Suite – No loss of data or transformation
  • Two-way exchange of cases and tasks between field staff and main PV application users
  • Enables consistent data coding same as in main PV application
  • Attach pictures directly from mobile devices –stored files, directly snap from camera
  • Speak and record larger comments instead of typing
  • Consistent experience on iOS and Android
  • Adjusts efficiently to all screen sizes – mobile phones, tabs, portrait & landscape modes