PV Intake Go-Live on RxLogix AWS Cloud

PV Intake 4.7 was a major release, with new features & functionalities as follows:-

  • Migration of PV Intake from client’s AWS Cloud to RxLogix SaaS platform hosted on AWS
  • Automated case assignment based on workflow and user group
  • Seamlessly integrated data quality check with f/u queries
  • Multiple enhancements to support processes and compliance such as for FDA Combo Product
  • Automated intake via Email
  • Follow-up correspondence and Task Management
  • Pre-Fill narrative information, eliminating copy/paste
  • Duplicate Search – Enhancements in Follow-up Cases
  • Submission to multiple destinations
  • PII security exemption for cases – data can be shared globally
  • Reporting via Web Form – capability for allowing public reporting of cases via an independent link, to submit reporting follow-up case information by exposing configured web form
  • Case Data Validations – feature to generate data quality check report before case transmission or request missing information
  • ML Parser Confidence Score- to view confidence scores for data extracted from source document or unstructured text