RxLogix End to End Safety Platform has been selected by a biopharmaceutical company to replace their existing safety platform

6 Dec 2021

Biopharmaceutical company will go with RxLogix entire case management offering inclusive of the following RxLogix products:

  • PV Case Management
  • PV Gateway for electronic submissions
  • PV Reports Aggregate Reporting
  • PV Central for late case monitoring

The company selected RxLogix PV Case Management Platform after a thorough evaluation inclusive of specific use cases including both AE forms, xml downloads, literature and bulk imports. In addition, case processing features will be deployed inclusive of duplicate check, auto-seriousness check, auto-case assignment, receipt acknowledgement, auto-translation, automated coding, quality scores, automated follow-up queries, and query management module for handling and tracking of queries. In addition, the client sighted user experience as being superior as it enabled efficient processing (email intake and parsing of data with QC checks), easy to view source documents as they are attached automatically and viewed side by side with the data. PV Case Management met all requirements and outperformed three other major safety vendors.