A Top 30 global biotechnology company has gone live with RxLogix PV Case Management

28 Apr 2022

RxLogix PV Case Management will be used globally by the client users and their outsourced BPO/CROs users. The project scope included the following at a high-level:

  • Implement RxLogix’ PV Case Management system
  • Automation of 6 Complex and Very Long (150+ pages) Forms
  • Key business features included:
    • Automated business functions include but not limited to: Business Rules, Auto-Priority, Auto-Due Date, Auto-Categorization, Auto-Seriousness, Auto Data Quality Check, Auto-Coding, Auto-Assignment
    • Follow up Difference View Comparison including Selective Acceptance on Safety Data
    • Duplicate Search on Argus and Intake Data
    • Significant Automation for Case Intake, Triage, Data Entry and Quality Review in PVCM
    • User Management
    • 21 CFR Part 11
    • Operational Metrics on PVCM Data