RxLogix Solutions - PV Register

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PV Register centralizes all your Product and Study data management and registrations onto a single platform. PV Register’s simple to use end-to-end workflow allows your organization to enter, manage and register all products electronically via Identification of Medicinal Products (IDMP) / Extended EudraVigilance Product Report Message (XEVPRM) format. PV Register integrates out-of-the-box with RxLogix’s PV Suite and the industry’s two major safety systems as central reference system for Product and Study Data.

Key Features

PV Register -RxLogix
  • Product and Study data management capability through intuitive & flexible configuration and data management screens
  • Electronic product registration capability via IDMP and XEVPRM
  • Complete workflow support from initial product and study configuration till product registrations, updates and end of study
  • End-to-end monitoring and tracking capabilities for all product registrations and updates
  • End of study unblinding(EOSU)
  • Integration with RxLogix PV Suite and leading safety systems for Product and Study reference data

Key Benefits

PV Register -RxLogix
  • Regulatory Compliance: IDMP and XEVPRM compliance for electronic product registrations and management.
  • Faster Product Registrations: Leverage electronic management of data and efficient features to achieve faster and accurate product registrations with regulatory authorities.
  • Cost Savings: Save cost and gain efficiencies by maintaining all product and study related data in single electronic system instead of maintaining these via local heterogenous tools and manual error prone processes in different countries.
  • Centralized Dictionary: Single source of truth for all product and study registrations and data references for all other systems.
  • Ease of Integration: Easily integrate with its out-of-the-box integration API and adaptors with RxLogix suite of products as well as leading safety systems.
  • Flexible and Intuitive User Interface: Easy to use flexible user interface allows clients to configure screens and fields to suit their specific needs and deliver best user experience.