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Do you want high-quality data in your safety database that support conclusions and interpretations without any compromise?

PV Quality is a safety data quality management solution that enables safety operations managers to detect case processing quality issues and implement corrective and preventative actions. PV Quality is designed for companies to improve data quality and drive consistency across their case processing operation in general whether it is in the outsourced or in-house processing model. In particular, CRO organizations can derive significant operational efficiencies and synergies with this solution which will benefit our clients overall. PV Quality is easy to implement and set up with a typical installation taking less than 10 weeks.

Key Features

PV Quality-RxLogix
  • Quality Issues Detection - PV Quality has out-of-the-box configurable business rules to identify case and submission quality issues.
  • Quality Sampling - PV Quality detects potential data quality issues and provides recommendations to safety managers to accept or reject.
  • Case Quality Index - PV Quality automatically scores and provides case quality trends over time.
  • Automated Alerts - PV Quality can be configured to alert you via email of any issues detected and recommended corrective action(s).
  • Trend Analysis - PV Quality provides a trend analysis of quality issues and actions taken. Safety managers can analyze these trends for refinement of their processes, training, documentation updates, etc.
  • Submission Quality tracking -PV Quality provides a centralized location to track not only case quality issues but also issues with expedited and aggregate submissions.
  • CAPA Tracking -PV Quality allows you to create and track quality related CAPAs and the ability to measure their effectiveness, as well as, retrieve information during an inspection.

Key Benefits

Benefits -RxLogix
  • Action Intelligence - PV Quality provides tracking of actions taken to address quality issues and measures their effectiveness.
  • Inspection Readiness - PV Quality Provides a centralized way to manage and quickly retrieve all PV quality issues and associated corrective and preventive actions.
  • Cost Saving - Manual review of case data can be reduced or even eliminated by automated alerts.
  • User-Friendly Interface - PV Quality has a simple and intuitive user interface which requires no training.
  • Rapid Deployment - Leverage RxLogix implementation package for quick and efficient implementation, including support for hosted or on-site deployments.