RxLogix Solutions - PV Publisher

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PV Publisher tool provides end to end solution for aggregate reports processing for both PV and clinical groups. It also provides rich features for document review and co-authoring, for delivery of high-quality documents. Integration with content management solutions, auto-generation of submission ready reports based on templates, communication with regulatory authorities using E2B R3, eCTD format and an open architecture for plug and play with other applications makes it an easier choice for customers.

Key Features

  • One Stop Publishing Solution: Works with both PV and clinical group for end-to-end processing of aggregate reports
  • Design: Well thought through design to take care of most of the pain points from the existing solution used for aggregate reports processing
  • Compliance: Compliant with all Regulatory Guidelines
  • Use or Reference Previous Output: Comparison with previous report outputs and content reuse makes authoring and review of future reports lot easier
  • Cost reduction and Automation: Removes manual steps and automates the entire process to help reduce cost and time it takes for complete processing
  • Plug and Play: Plug and play by design to support different data and reporting sources
  • Rapid Deployment: Leverage RxLogix implementation and validation package for faster implementation including support for hosted or on-site deployments.

Key Benefits

Benefits -RxLogix
  • End to End Reports Processing - Provides ease of use for report output generation, report authoring and review, sharing and publishing of reports.
  • Process Simplification - Streamlines & simplifies the document writing process for periodic report production.
  • Template Based Reports - Supports commonly used word templates for worldwide market authorization holders and provides submission ready dossiers in PDF format with a bookmark.
  • Configurable Workflow - Uses configurable workflow for managing the entire lifecycle of aggregate reports from planning, tracking report authoring, task distribution, submission and generation of audit reports.
  • Rule-based output for different Countries - Ability to generate multiple reports from the single template based on country of submission and other parameters.
  • Cost and Time Saving with Automation - Automated process to get submission ready reports significantly faster resulting in cost and time-saving.
  • Apple like solution - Intuitive, simple to operate the system with almost no training required.