RxLogix Solutions - PV Planner

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

PV Planner addresses your resourcing management challenges by centralizing the function globally and providing insights into daily workloads, resource forecasts, and work completion based on available capacity. PV Planner leverages cognitive automation to recommend resource assignments based on current and projected workloads, resource availability, geographic site, role and complexity of work. PV Planner is easy to implement and set up with a typical installation taking less than 10 weeks.

Key Features

PV Planner -RxLogix
  • Workload Assessment and Capacity Planning - PV Planner helps Managers assess resource workloads for case processing, aggregate and ad hoc reports management and signal management by answering the following questions:

    a) Who is available/not available?

    b) What skill set is needed to perform the work?

    c) Does the work need to be performed in a specific geographic region?

    d) What is the average development cycle

    of the work?

    e) What documentation needs to be developed?

    f) Is a validation component required?

    g) What are the potential risks (if any)?

  • Integrated platform - No need to manually track resources in excel, project plan based solutions. PV Planner is an integrated platform connected to Safety, Reporting, and Signaling systems. Get real-time intelligence to manage your department.
  • Auto-Assignment - PV Planner finds availability of resources and auto-assigns the work to the available resources.
  • Workload Assessment - PV Planner auto-calculates the effort required based complexity/types of cases, reports, and signals and accurately predicate the current workload
  • Configurability - PV Planner provides the capability to configure company holidays (based upon country), vacations, maternity, non-availability, etc.
  • Reporting and Metrics Capability -PV Planner provides real-time metrics and dashboards to identify resource overloads and imbalances.
  • Department Calendar - PV Planner centralizes your department’s calendar to view the entire team’s assignments and availability.

Key Benefits

Benefits -RxLogix
  • Workload Predictability and Resource Forecasting - Plan your current resourcing and future resourcing needs.
  • Workload Assignment Globally - Centralized global management of your workforce.
  • Visibility - Complete visibility into team utilization, assignments, and productivity to effectively and efficiently assign resources
  • Ease of Use - PV Planner has a simple and intuitive user interface which requires no training
  • Rapid Deployment - Leverage RxLogix implementation package for faster implementation including support for hosted or on-site deployments.