RxLogix Solutions - PV Intake

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

Automate your Case Intake & Processing activities-via RxLogix PV Intake

PV Intake cognitive AI technology enables organizations to make their end-to-end safety processes more streamlined with increased human efficiency & productivity at lower cost. It aids better case quality & proactive identification, evaluation &, minimization of risks.

  • PV Intake’s AI based solutions are based on patterns observed in large volumes of past data using Machine Learning (ML) & Deep Learning (DL) & applies it learning on new safety information.
  • It also leverages Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Computer Vision (CV) to intelligently interpret human language, text, and images to retrieve meaningful safety information automatically.

Key Features

PV Intake -RxLogix
  • All-in-one Case Intake solution: Single application & business process to handle all kinds of structured and unstructured case types, sources, formats and intake mediums.
  • Automated Case Intake & Processing: Multiple automated case intake & case processing functions powered by AI, ML and NLP technologies to take the workload off from the main safety system workflow cycles.
  • Follow-up holding area: Hold and combine multiple follow-ups in parallel to avoid disruptions to the active workflow cycle in the main safety application.
  • External as well as Internal Usages: Can be used by external users like HCP, Consumers, Sales Reps as well as internal users like Affiliates, Call Centers, etc. by leveraging its Configurable Intake Form templates based on the case or user type.
  • Extensible Intake design: Extensible by design to support additional or customer-specific intake sources and formats.
  • Multi-lingual, Multi-vigilance, Multi-tenant by design: Flexible and extensible application design to support multiple languages, multiple streams of vigilance and multiple tenants in the same application instance.

Key Benefits

Benefits -RxLogix
  • Speed & Scalability: Faster and scalable case intake & processing via automation powered by AI, ML and NLP technologies.
  • Efficient Case Intake & Processing: Efficient case intake & processing through flexible, user-friendly and automation features.
  • Improved Case Quality: Significantly enhanced case data quality by capturing the information directly from the source in the system. Automation of intake, data entry and transmission via E2B eliminates chances of human errors and duplicate data entry.
  • Case Data Consistency: Two-way integration with the safety system ensures data consistency for code lists, dictionaries, products, licenses, studies as well as case data and minimizes reconciliation needs.
  • Extensible: Flexible architecture and design to meet differing as well as future needs for clients.
  • Lower TCO: Single COTS solution for all kinds of case intake needs.