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Most User-Friendly and Functionality Rich PV Intake System

PV Intake is a user-friendly system providing the ability to enter cases from a variety of sources using a Web Form as well as mobile devices. In addition, it provides the ability to automate case transfer from a variety of systems such as EDC, Call Center system to a Safety system.

Shortcut your lengthy processes and reduce efforts, by implementing our niche, value dominating and most "wow" advanced product. With PV Intake solution, there are not only promised benefits but there is much more value to be had, down the line both in measurable efficiencies and financials. Our unique product will save you more dollars than it costs!

Key Features

PV Intake -RxLogix
  • Case Intake and Integration - Provides ability to enter cases on a web form as well as mobile devices. In addition, provides an ability to be used as an integration system. Complete, out of the box bi-directional integration between the Safety Database and the Source System.
  • Standards-based - CDISC to E2B Mapping allowing mapping to different CRFs and different levels of data transfer (minimal SAE to full CRF, subject to AE schema).
  • Configurable Workflow - Modeled on a flexible Clinical SAE Reporting, this provides a configurable business process.
  • E2B+ Capability - Provides ability to exchange more data fields than provided by standard E2B.
  • Special Case Handling - Provides features to manage special case handling e.g. Pregnancy cases.
  • Data Security and 21 CFR Compliant - Provides configurable preservation of Blinding and Patient Privacy Rules.

Key Benefits

Benefits -RxLogix
  • Flexible Case Intake - Provides ability to enter cases on a Web Form as well as mobile devices.
  • Cost Savings - Improves productivity/reduces costs in SAE reporting significantly. Users do not need to perform double data entry of both initial and follow-up versions of cases.
  • Improves Case Quality - Significantly enhances data quality as there is minimal to no human intervention in data entry eliminate the transcription errors. In addition, the system provides built-in quality checks before a case is pushed to the Safety system
  • Reduced Follow-ups - Sophisticated algorithms enable users to send follow-ups to Safety only when necessary thereby reducing the number of follow up versions and overall costs.
  • Standard Mapping - Supports reusable fieldsets, mapping and validation rules to scale the solution to different data sources, increase speed and quality
  • Minimizes Reconciliation - System design minimizes/eliminates the reconciliation efforts between the source system and the Safety system if it is used as a connector between the two systems. It provides easy to use interface to capture cases on a Web Form as well as a mobile device.