RxLogix Solutions - PV DataHub

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Datawarehouse solution designed specifically for Pharmacovigilance domain, single source of truth for all Intake, Signaling and Analytical reporting needs.

PV DataHub is a homogenized data warehouse solution that stores the data in one place for easy and faster access and allows the consumer to process or add value to the data. PV DataHub is the "go-to" place for PV data needs within RxLogix, for the point-to-point connections between various downstream applications. PV DataHub provides the safety data in a denormalized manner for faster querying and reporting for signal detection and analytics purposes. It can be integrated with multiple safety data/clinical data entry systems and provides the data in a E2B R3 based standard data model structure.

Key Features

PV Register -RxLogix
  • E2B R3 Compliant Format - Stores Data in universally accepted ICH Compliant E2B R3 Format
  • Multiple Safety System Support - Provides out of box ETL adaptor for all leading safety data entry systems e.g. Argus, ARISg
  • Multiple Public Databases Support - FAERS, EVDAS, VIGIBASE, VAERS
  • Scalable Design - Optimized for faster Data Load, Querying and Reporting
  • Single Source of Truth - Central database for all RxLogix Products e.g. PV Reports, PV Signal, PV Intake, PV Central
  • Case Data Versioning -In-built mechanism to create historical versions of cases
  • Ease of Configuration - New data sources can be added easily

Key Benefits

PV Register -RxLogix
  • Ease of installation - out of the box native SQL/PLSQL based ETL without the need of any third-party ETL tools
  • One Stop Solution - for all data needs for downstream applications e.g. expedited and aggregate reporting, signal detection, compliance monitoring
  • Reporting Tool Integration - with standard reporting tools available in industry e.g. Spotfire, Cognos, OBIEE etc.
  • Cost-effective solution – No expensive third party ETL tools required, highly configurable with minimum to no customization
  • Highly Configurable ETL - for bringing in data from various data sources
  • Scalable solution - for current and future business needs
  • Multi-Purpose Datawarehouse solution that- can be used as Data Lake for downstream applications
  • Efficient ETL Execution- using batch/parallel processing
  • Supported Standard Safety Data Sources- Argus Safety, Life Sphere (ARISg), FAERS, EVDAS