RxLogix Solutions - PV Analytics Suite

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

PV Analytics Suite is the world’s first holistic and integrated pharmacovigilance solution addressing all aspects of Reporting, Analytics, Signal Detection and Management in a highly user-friendly manner. The PV Analytics suite includes integrated data warehouse which can connect to variety data sources including Safety, Clinical, Regulatory and other data sources. Yes! PV Analytics Suite is E2B R3 and IDMP compliant solution!

PV Analytics includes three core modules:

  • PV Reports: The industry’s first and only integrated solution meeting all PV Reporting and Analytics needs including Regulatory Aggregate Reports, Ad-HOC Reporting, and Japanese Reports.
  • PV Signal: The most complete Signal and Risk Management Solution in the industry.
  • PV Central: A must-have solution for drug safety management providing early warnings and operational intelligence globally in real time!

Key Features

  • Integrated Reporting, Signaling & Data Analysis -  Provides ability to detect signal and perform analysis from a single integrated platform.
  • Standard & Aggregate Reporting –  Self-Service ad hoc and aggregate reporting capabilities straight out of the box. No need for custom development. Configure new reports in a matter of minutes rather than hours and days.
  • Powerful Querying –  Most complete user-friendly querying solution.
  • PV Data Warehouse –  Consolidated and consistent data from a variety of different internal and external data sources including Safety, Clinical, FAERS, VAERS and other data sources.
  • Proactive Monitoring –  Ability to perform qualitative and quantitative signal detection and management.
  • Future Ready – Advanced and innovative solution design which meets today's need and is future ready to comply with the ever-changing regulatory landscape.
  • Real-time monitoring- Built-in real-time compliance and productivity monitoring.

Key Benefits

Benefits -RxLogix
  • Excellent Performance - Adv. mart schema, proprietary compression logic & connectivity technology.
  • Single system-avoids Quality, Accuracy & Consistency Issues Accurate, consistent, fully integrated high performing reports, signaling and metrics.
  • Responsiveness & Self Service Capability Think "Apple" for UI design. Our Flexible user-friendly interface is designed for PV business users.
  • Scalability - Designed to scale to incorporate different data sources. Fully integrated with internal (Safety, Clinical and supporting systems) and external (claims, regulatory authorities, EHR and other) data sources.
  • Integrated Reporting, Analytics and Signaling Platform One-stop shop for all PV reporting, Analytics and Signaling. Offering the ability to detect a signal and generate reports or slice and dice data within one seamless integrated platform.
  • Cost Savings - Improves productivity, reduces costs and workload significantly. Eliminates the need for custom development. 70 to 80% of day to day needs are met out of the box.
  • Industry Adoption - Several large and mid-size companies are already using PV Analytics platform or are in the various stages of implementation. Benefit from the strong commodity within RxLogix user group.
  • Action Tracking - PV Analytics not only extracts data and generates outputs but also provides end to end action tracking and workflow capabilities.