RxLogix Products

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RxLogix Innovative products are smart, sophisticated, intuitive and simple to operate with almost no training required. They address all aspects of case intake, reporting, analytics, signal detection and management requirements, in an easy, user-friendly interface. 

RxLogix’s incredibly powerful applications are tailor made for drug safety in the Pharma industry.  They are now available to rent monthly using the “Software as a Service (SAAS) delivery method. This technology is cost effective and provides value to all Biotech, CRO and Pharma companies big or small.

Do not leave the future to chance, plan it! Invest in RxLogix technology today and stay ahead of the technology curve with RxLogix's innovative products and solutions. Data is worthless if it is not actionable.

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PV Intake

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

The most efficient, compliant and cost effective solution for Case Intake System and Safety integration. The Case Intake system support includes:

  • Electronic Data Capture (EDC)
  • Clinical Trial
  • Management System (CTMS)
  • Product Quality Complaint (PQC) system or Call Center Systems

PV Reports

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

One-Stop Integrated PV Reporting and Analytics Solution. The Reports system support includes:

  • Standard reports
  • Aggregate reports
  • Custom reports
  • Querying management
  • Case series management
  • Data analysis
  • Reports scheduling and notifications

PV Central

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

Global Compliance and Productivity Monitoring. The Central system support includes:

  • Compliance metrics
  • Productivity metrics
  • Risk management metrics
  • Inspection readiness
  • Information central
  • Metrics drill down and action tracking

PV Signal

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

Comprehensive, Compliant and User Friendly Signal Detection and Management Solution. The Signal system support includes:

  • Signal detection
  • Signal management
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Data analysis
  • Information central
  • Risk Management
  • Aggregates external data sources
  • Patient exposure

PV Analytics Suite

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

PV Analytics Suite is the world’s first holistic and integrated pharmacovigilance solution addressing all aspects of Reporting, Analytics, Signal Detection and Management in a highly user friendly manner.

PV Analytics includes three core modules:

  • PV Reports: Industry’s first and only integrated solution meeting all PV Reporting and Analytics needs including Regulatory Aggregate Reports, Ad-HOC Reporting and Japanese Reports.
  • PV Signal: The most complete Signal and Risk Management Solution in the industry.
  • PV Central: A must have solution for drug safety management providing early warnings and operational intelligence globally in real time!

PV E2B-Converter

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

PV E2B-Converter is a must have solution for non-E2B (R3) compliant PV systems. It seamlessly allows companies to be compliant with E2B (R3) without having to go through an expensive and time consuming upgrade.

  • Backward and Forward Compatibility (BFC) between E2B (R3) & E2B (R2) formats.
  • Additional E2B (R3) data elements are automatically populated in correct existing or additional User Defined fields in the Case to ensure minimal data loss and maximum efficiency.
  • Source documents (pdf, xls, doc, jpg, etc.) from incoming E2B (R3) reports will be retained in the Case for future reference and verification.
  • Agency specific adaptations to ensure compliance to agency specific regulations.
  • Side by Side in-line tag comparison between E2B R3 & E2B R2 XML data elements.
  • Detailed tracking of all E2B files processed by the PV E2B-Converter

PV Publisher

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

PV Publisher tool provides end to end solution for aggregate reports processing for both PV and clinical groups. It also provide rich features for document review and co-authoring, for delivery of high quality documents.

  • End to End Report Processing
  • Process Simplification
  • OOB Reporting Rules
  • Configurable Workflow

PV Quality

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

PV Quality is a safety data quality management solution that enables safety operations managers to detect case processing quality issues and implement corrective and preventative actions. PV Quality is designed for companies to improve data quality and drive consistency across their case processing operation in general whether it is in the outsourced or in-house processing model. In particular, CRO organizations can derive significant operational efficiencies and synergies with this solution which will benefit our clients overall. PV Quality is easy to implement and set up with a typical installation taking less than 10 weeks.

  • CAPA Tracking
  • Case Quality Index
  • Quality Issue Detection
  • Submission Quality Tracking

PV Planner

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

PV Planner addresses your resourcing management challenges by centralizing the function globally and providing insights into daily workloads, resource forecasts, and work completion based on available capacity. PV Planner leverages cognitive automation to recommend resource assignments based upon current and projected workloads, resource availability, geographic site, role and complexity of work. PV Planner is easy to implement and setup with a typical installation taking less than 10 weeks.

  • Workload Assessment
  • Capacity Planning
  • Auto Assignment
  • Integrated Platform

PV EMA Plug-In

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

The tool provides the ability to read product information from the incoming E2B R3 files and compares it with safety system configuration and/or a defined list to filter out any files which are not related to the company’s products.

  • Auto Download of E2B Files
  • Ability to Auto Archive
  • Reads from any Safety System
  • Reads any License Configuration

PV Risk Manager

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

A robust Risk Management solution centralizing and tracking your Risk Management Plans integrated with our award-winning PV Signal and PV Reports products. Yet another Industry first solution from RxLogix.

  • RMP/REMS Management
  • Configurable Workflow
  • Integrated Reporting
  • GxP and 21 CFR Part 11 Compliance

PV Register

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

PV Register centralizes all your Product and Study data management and registrations onto a single platform.

  • End-to-end workflow
  • Intuitive & flexible configuration & data management screen
  • Electronic product registration capability via IDMP and XEVPRM
  • End-to-end monitoring and tracking capabilities
  • End of study unblinding(EOSU)

PV DataHub

Powered with AI, ML & NLP

Datawarehouse solution designed specifically for Pharmacovigilance domain, single source of truth for all Intake, Signaling and Analytical reporting needs.

  • E2B R3 Compliant Format
  • Multiple Safety System Support
  • Case Data Versioning
  • Ease of Configuration
  • Highly Configurable ETL