Who Are We

RxLogix is a global pharmacovigilance solutions company specializing in innovative software and expert consulting services. Experienced team of business and technology innovators work with Pharmacovigilance and Risk Management Professionals to help increase compliance, productivity and quality for the entire Drug Safety value chain.

Ensuring patient safety while advancing medical and scientific research is vital to life sciences companies. RxLogix highly values defiant bold thinkers entrenched in the world of science, medicine and innovation. From a strategic perspective, RxLogix proactively seeks innovative solutions as preemptive strikes against second-rate thinking.

RxLogix is a one-stop-shop for all PV needs applying most recent technology advances like machine learning, artificial intelligence and best practice methodological approaches.

Recently, after a thorough evaluation of commercially available signaling and analytical software vendors, the FDA selected RxLogix’s PV Surveillance Suite Platform, replacing its legacy FAERS signaling system. FDA has decided to implement RxLogix PV Surveillance Suite (Modules – PV Reports, PV Signal, PV Analytics and PV Datahub) for advanced data analytics, signal detection, evaluation, signal management and benefit-risk assessment.

What makes RxLogix Fierce

We are passionate about patient’s safety and innovative solutions in both technology and business areas. It is our commitment to innovate and collaborate with all parties involved in the Pharmacovigilance landscape. We want to apply technology to make our lives safer and business more efficient and cost-effective.

What’s ahead for RxLogix

The unique capabilities of RxLogix Corporation’s PV Surveillance Suite Platform have been recognized already as highly innovative and user-friendly. Our company is on track to gain new markets and extend substantially our platform’s capabilities especially in terms of process optimization and analysis automation. Our goal is to create and collaborate on new best practice approaches and standards for timely accurate and efficient management of drug safety-relevant topics.


What is our USP?

RxLogix Offers End-to-End Business & Technology Solution For the Entire Safety Value Chain


The RxLogix mission is to deliver the most innovative products, services, and technology to advance Pharmacovigilance and Drug Safety operations at Life Science companies in order to improve public health and patient safety worldwide. We believe in better living through technology.

We are passionately obsessed with our mission of patient safety, solving a complex problem and explaining possible solutions in everyday language.


At RxLogix, our goal is to make the most innovative industry standard software for the health sciences domain.

Our Journey started with a purpose, in pursuit of a dream-to make best healthcare solutions, helping patients and being on an inspiring path where we can make a positive impact on the world and around us.

Our Vision is to bootstrap and fuel innovation at a faster pace by strategically combining our expertise, ingenuity and determination to make a real difference through technology-A lifesaving difference.

We truly believe in leaving behind a legacy of digital health and empower innovation with our innovative value-based products.


  • Commitment

    Relentless and uncompromising commitment to do the right thing always, for our clients.

  • Innovation

    Transform business operations value through highly advanced innovative products and professional services.

  • Expertise

    Develop deep domain expertise strength that yields outstanding client solution benefits.

  • Legacy

    Drive value for our clients to makes us client partners, forever.

What drives us?

We are driven by our purpose of creating Innovative, resilient, simple to use and useful products for public safety and the betterment of mankind!

Everything we do, we believe in challenging the status quo. The way, we challenge the status quo is by empowering users – our products are functionally rich, institutively designed, simple to use and very user-friendly. We just happen to make great products designed for the Pharma domain. Need we say more?

RxLogix-Inspired by Public Safety. Driven by Science.

What sets us apart from everyone else?

  • The Innovation blueprint for PV and Drug Safety. RxLogix PV Products, are must-have for the 21st Century for Public safety, to increase revenue and to reduce costs.
  • We are a world-class global organization with domain, regulatory, and implementation expertise supported by a committed management team
  • Pharma business understanding combined with Technology expertise
  • Strong Life Sciences domain experience
  • Oracle Gold and Argus Safety Suite Specialized Partner
  • Presence in all major pharmaceutical regions US West Coast, US East Coast, Europe Japan and India
  • Budget Conscientious
  • We are passionately and insanely obsessed with making the world’s best healthcare solutions

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