Inspection Support

RxLogix has supported its clients for FDA, MHRA and other Regulatory Agencies audits successfully. During inspections, the RxLogix Managed Services team is on high alert and provides support 24x7 during that period. 

Key Features

  • Dedicated support team with several backup resources
  • Accessibility to SME pool, if required
  • Flexibility to have 24x7 support during the inspection period
  • Support team includes system developers and several industry SMEs
  • Experience of supporting PV inspections from Agencies
  • Leverage PV Reports solution for ad-hoc querying and reporting as applicable

Key Benefits

  • No need to add additional PV Systems resources as the Managed Services team can fulfill this requirement
  • Expert skills for querying and reporting based on ad-hoc requests from the inspectors
  • Proven successful track record
  • High quality – a low-cost solution
  • Significantly high speed to create ad-hoc querying and reporting using PV Reports application, if in use